August kicked off with a 4 Fields Intensive training in Raleigh, North Carolina. We have attended many similar trainings in the past, but this was way more impactful. Rather than focusing on the practice and execution of these tools we have been using, we focused very heavily on how Jesus went about proclaiming the good news of God and how Paul was used to spread the gospel across Asia. After training we spent a few hours sharing in different neighborhoods across the Raleigh Durham area and were honored in seeing several people surrender their life to Jesus and a couple people baptized! It was awesome to hear how the same tools we were using in Austin were being used to plant 1000 of churches across the globe.

After coming back from Raleigh we spent some time in Houston with you lovely people who are probably reading this right now. Once we finally made it back home to Austin we were able to pick up where we left off with the people God has placed in our lives. In our home church, we celebrated a birthday and a baby shower. It has really been a blessing to share life with so many different people and be able to see God work in all of their lives.

As we begin transitioning into September we will be preparing for our first vision trip to Spain. For two weeks we will be praying through the city, researching the neighborhoods, meeting with local leaders, and proclaiming Jesus. Our aim is to get a better understanding of what the work will be like in Spain and where we should begin focusing our prayers and efforts. This is a very exciting next step and we are anxiously awaiting the Lords guidance.
Here are a few things we are needing prayer for…


  • Our vision trip to Barcelona. (Safety, wisdom, and guidance)
  • House Church, our vision is to see everyone in our group start another church with this same vision.
  • Unity!! Both in our marriage and our team.

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