After many months of prayer, fasting, research, and preparation we have just had our first trip to Barcelona. This time was spent connecting with local leaders, praying through the city, and gaining a better understanding of the culture. These are just a few of the things we walked away with.

Diversity // The first few days of our trip were spent praying through neighborhoods and sharing the Good News. One of the first things we noticed was the diversity of people groups. By the end of the 3rd day we had shared with people from 13 different nations. Of those nations there were a lot of Pakistanis and French-Algerians who had immigrated to Spain to work and send funds back home. We had the blessing to share and follow-up with one who was very open to the Gospel. After praying for his family we began sharing of the forgiveness in Christ which noticeably impacted him. Please join us in praying that Jesus would continue to reveal himself to him.

Catalonia // Spain is divided into 17 semi-autonomous communities. The largest of these is Catalonia which is located in the northeastern corner of Spain and includes the city of Barcelona. What we did not realize is how unreached this community is. The Catalan people are only .4% and there are no churches or services in their language. While Spanish is the language most use, especially in the city, there are many in other regions that rely solely on Catalan. So because this language is only spoken in one part of the world it is often overlooked. Many of the people we met with in Barcelona encouraged us to pursue these people by prioritizing Catalan during our language learning. The language of Catalan is the heart language of many people out there and would open up our ability to reach more for His Kingdom. We are currently praying through potentially learning Catalan in addition to Spanish.

One of the first days there we prayed and shared with a Spanish woman working at a sunglass shop. Afterwards she invited us to come back at a later time to hear more. We came back later to share stories from the word of God and give her tools to help her discover more from the Bible. Pray that Jesus will continue to reveal truth to her from the word of God.

Location // There are 10 major districts in Barcelona and our team has been praying over which one would be our field. After engaging many of the districts with prayer and sharing of the Word of God, the holy spirit was really moving in Barceloneta. There was a lot of openness to prayer and the gospel and many of them lived in that specific district. As a whole we feel like Ciutat Vella will be where most of our sharing will take place. It is densely and diversely populated, and it is very easy to travel from one side to the other in a matter of minutes. We are open to wherever the Holy Spirit leads us and we are continuing to pray through this till we actually land.


  • In October we will be going through a very in-depth marriage/team counseling to prepare us for anything that may come at us while on the field in Spain. We are praying this strengthens our marriages and team to better work together.
  • Visas and logistical things. From what we have researched there are 2 visas that would make sense for us either non-lucrative or religious worker. The religious worker visa will require the sponsorship of a local organization like a church. The non-lucrative does not, but requires a little more leg work.
  • And all the highlighted points above

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