Sorry for the delayed post this month, we wanted to make sure we packed it with everything that God was doing in and through us. October was very busy with odd jobs that we picked up to continue to pay bills. It was a blast working ACL and catering a friends wedding.

We were very blessed with the opportunity to meet with friends in Loveland, Colorado for a week of training and relationship counseling. Beggar’s Gate Church invited us into their family to share with them how our God has been working in Austin. We also spent time sharing some simple tools we use to care for people and share the Gospel.

After training we went out in the freezing weather to share about Jesus in their neighborhood. The Lord of the harvest was faithful to bring us to people who were seeking community and truth. The remainder of our time in Colorado was spent working on our marriage and team relationships. We were so thankful to learn tools to better communicate and understand each of our teammates and each other. God was so faithful during that trip to draw us closer as a couple and as a team. Oh! To top it all of we were also able to enjoy His beautiful creation through snow-covered mountains!

We had the honor and privilege to share with Bateman Baptist Church what God has been doing in Austin and share more about Barcelona. They were so supportive and graciously covered us in prayer. We are so excited to have them here supporting us when we launch to Barcelona.

Over the next month, we will be transitioning out of our home and looking for a place to live. It has been challenging to find a lease shorter than 6 months. We know that God is faithful and will provide! If anyone in Austin has a spare room, or knows of a place that we could rent for the short time of December – April please let us know.

Praise God for…

  • Providing a home for our feline friends. We had been praying for a foster family to take them in until we have to leave.
  • Allowing us to stay at our current home through November. We were rushing to have everything out by November 19 until recently things changed and we now have until December 1.
  • Financial provisions in the form of supporters, odd jobs, and potential opportunities.
  • The new addition to the church we have meeting in our house!

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