Hey everyone! Sorry it has been so long since we have sent out an update, it has been very busy with the holidays. We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. Tony and I were able to spend Thanksgiving with Tony’s family in Ohio and Christmas with our families in Houston. Praise God for the time we were able to share with our family about Jesus and care for them. 


When we sent out our last letter we did not have a place to stay through our final months in Austin. In November, we said goodbye to our home we had lived for 2 years and headed to El Paso to visit some friends. Praise God for his faithfulness, He provided a new place to live in just the right timing. We were able to stay with friends in Austin for the month of December and have found a place to live until we leave this summer.

Our new home is not only a place to live but is another testimony to God’s faithfulness. We found a place with a short lease and is owned by a pastor who is very familiar with the ministry we are a part of in east Austin. God has shown His love to us in so many ways and we know He will continue to provide.

Visa Process

The last week we have started our visa process and are beginning to gather all the information we need. It is really starting to become more real that we leave in only a few months. We are very excited for where God is leading us but also know the time we have left in the states is so important to raise up leaders here in Austin.

Upcoming Ministry

Next weekend we are holding a training at our home church, the Well. This training will focus on how to have Gospel conversations in our daily lives. Prayerfully this will lead to people joining a community group to further the work in East Austin.

In February, we are so honored to be able to travel to Australia to be a part of a church training. God has given us an opportunity to partner with local churches to  share simple tools and encourage other believers to share their faith.  Praise God for what He is doing cross-culturally.

Support Raising

We have been praying hard and working through a job opportunity that Tony has with his old company. God has allowed us to have a job that can be taken overseas. With that blessing, we are now reaching 94% support raised. We thank God for each one of you who have supported God’s work in Austin and overseas.

Please join us in prayer

  • More people to join laboring in Austin as we are leaving. We have been praying for God to raise-up more people to continue pursuing the hearts of Austin residents.
  • Visa process to go smoothly. This is a 3 month long process that can be very challenging. We know God has been guiding us through this already.
  • Training in Australia to be encouraging to those who are there and safe travels.
  • Gods continued provision as we strive to rely on Him for everything we need.

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