This is the day we have been preparing for. Our last day in Austin is May 24th, and then June 6th we take-off at 18:30 from Houston Intercontinental Airport. Our last few weeks in the US will be spent with family in Houston. When we get to Barcelona the work begins with getting adjusted and finding a house to stay in. We have an AirBnB that the 6 of us will be sharing for the month of June.

Barcelona Updates

Last update we said we were going in for our visa appointment, well…🥁(drumroll) As soon as we turned in our paperwork we were told that we did not meet the minimum requirements for this visa. Praise God, because that was His will. The visa we applied for was a Non-Lucrative which required a set amount of finances available in a checking account. This is not something we had, so we have moved our funds around and will apply again in 3 months after the money is reflected on 3 months worth of statements.


Over the past month we have seen God do so many wonderful things. A close friend of ours who has been working with us in Austin has made the decision to follow Jesus’s command to be baptized. We were so thankful to be able to be there and be a part of her walk with Christ.

While out caring for our neighbors, we were blessed to meet a man who knew he needed Jesus but wasn’t really sure how to live out his faith. Week after week, we met with this man and went over God’s commands and promises in the Bible. Last week he and his sons also chose to follow Christ’s command to be baptized. This signified that he was dying to his old self and living for Jesus. It was so amazing to see an entire family step out in faith and follow God. We are so blessed to get to see the Lord’s work.

Sharing the joy

Getting rid of all our things has had us on Facebook Marketplace a lot. God has blessed us with the opportunity to share with several people through this. Specifically a woman named Lulu who shared about an immense amount of brokenness and pain in her life. Emily had the ability to pray with her, share stories of hope, and the present the Gospel. She was able to exchange information to meet up with her later to share some more and provide some household items that we are giving up.

It has been a long prayer of mine to be able to share boldly with my co-workers. While on a team meetup this month the Lord provided a chance to do so. I spent several hours with a guy name Al who had rejected Jesus and God. The Lord was clearly working in his heart, because as the evening went on he became more and more inquisitive. Al lives in Spain, so we plan on meeting up with him and his family more.


This is the end of a chapter here in the states and the coming months is going to be one of the most difficult times. Saying goodbye to family and dredging our way through Spanish visa processes. Here are just a few things you can be lifting up:

  • Visa process, this has not been settled just yet. We need to know what the best option is and help acquiring the visa.
  • Hard goodbyes, we have had some tough times saying goodbye to pets that we are not able to take and it is only going to get harder leading up to that last day.
  • Continued devotion to the Word of God in this time of distractions
  • Team unity, this is the longest we will be apart since we began this almost 3 years ago. We want to fight for unity and not grow apart in the next few weeks.


Thank you so much for everyone who was able to come to our celebration of what God is doing and has done in Austin. It was a great time of encouragement, service, and food.

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  1. How time flies..I’m proud to be in the loop and excited for your journey doing the Lord’s work! May God bless you both and your team with safe travels and many blessings!

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