Howdy amigos! It has been far too long since we last talked. This update is going to be packed to the brim with juicy details on what we have had the privilege of seeing. God is adding to the nations represented in His kingdom and we want to celebrate with everyone!

Along with the knowledge of God, our smoked brown-butter cookie recipe is spreading across Barcelona. We have finally found out where to get all the ingredients needed including real brown sugar and liquid smoke. They have become a favorite on Friday nights at our gathering.


Since we have moved into our home in the heart of el Raval we have been consistently hosting 20-25 people for house church on Friday nights. God has brought together a very diverse group from many nations. During this time we worship, examine His commands, and encourage each other to grow closer.

We have used this time to not only encourage and strengthen existing believers but also share the love of Christ with non-believers. God has brought Catalans, Africans, Romanians, and a few Muslim nations together and everyone expresses how impacted they are.

During our last meeting we had the extreme honor of witnessing another immigrant accept Jesus as his Savior and joyfully desire baptism!! After baptizing we spent the rest of the evening worshiping God together on the beach.

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His story was an amazing testimony of how God reaches out to us in our pain and brokenness to care for us. It was not the work of one of us or even our team. Many people had spent time sharing with him the story of how God sent his Son to this earth for all of us. To pay the penalty for all our wrongs to bring us back into relationship with Him. Many times when some one leaves Islam they say goodbye to their family and friends. This blow was softened by him knowing that if his family were to disown him he had already gained a new family that cared for him just as much.

There is so much more to this story and we would love to share more about it but for safety reasons it would be better if you reached out to us on WhatsApp so we can tell you more.


For only being here 4 months it is truly a blessing to be seeing God move so much. Often times we hear of how slow things can be when starting in a new city. God has brought us into contact with a group of boys that had already been laboring in their city and were desiring to grow in this. Much of our time has been devoted to them. Walking through scriptures, sharing around the city, and training them on the tools we have seen work. Last month we dedicated a weekend to train them on some of tools we use.

For those who do not already know, during the first month in our apartment in we took in an immigrant from another country. For safety and security we are just going to refer to him as J.

J has been living with us for the past few months now and we have been stumbling through discipleship with him. There is a large language gap between us and an even bigger cultural gap. Despite both of those hurdles we have witnessed God work on His heart and reveal truth to N.


I can’t stress enough how blessed we all are to see God moving in these ways. Through no skill or our own doing, God has brought together a very unique situation here in BCN and we are continually reminded of this.

I want to boast in what He has done so far and what He will continue to do. Besides what we are all witnessing him do in BCN, He has also done so much more. Most importantly He gave us a way to have a relationship with Him despite our sin and brokenness.

We all are deserving of death as punishment for our rebellion against God, and instead He chose to love us. That love was God coming into our world, living the perfect life that we could not, and then dying on a cross to take the punishment we deserved. He then rose from the dead proving He was God and had power to conquer death. We are not saved or made righteous in God’s eyes by the things that we do or don’t do, instead we are saved through accepting what He has already done, believing in Him, and confessing it with your mouth.

This is only the tip of the grace that has been given to us. I just wanted to remind myself of this and share it with everyone. Praise God for the work He is doing all-around the world, and for what He has already done to redeem us. This is why we are all here, to remind each other of this and share it with those who may not know it.


  • Visa
    • We have been working with lawyers to get this thing processed. Recently they asked us to get a bank account and transfer all our money to this new account. Sounds easy? It is not, Spanish banks do not allow non-residents to open accounts. There are a few that make exceptions but they have been incredibly difficult to deal with. If we do not get a bank account in the next few days it could cost us our visa.
  • Finances for team
    • As a whole our team has suffered from a lot of support dropping off. We have experienced the Lord provide for every need of ours as well as those around us. Please pray that God would sustain our faith during this time. It is very easy to question our purpose and calling during situations like this.
  • What is to come
    • God has recently been stirring our hearts to help care for immigrants in this city. We have seen first hand the impact loving others has and we want to be able to do more. We are praying through getting a larger place to accommodate more people. More details to come as the Lord guides.
  • New brothers in the faith
    • We have seen several people accept Christ and be baptized recently. Please pray that they will be protected and that the Holy Spirit will stir them on to loving others and God.


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  1. God bless you and the work you are doing. It sounds like you are making good strides in sharing the word of God. We miss you and pray for every day.

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